In a futuristic dystopia, an ambitious man makes a deal with the devil to go to the far reaches of the planet for complete power to rule. He pays the price. Written & Directed by Vitaliy Shushko.

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Payments and Death
Cat Agent
Ep 1 - Payments and Death

CAT AGENT is a cat who's an agent, who represents cats.

City Shark Begins
City in Crisis
Ep 1 - City Shark Begins

Commissioner Jordan shines the signal to call City Shark – by accident. Or was it!? Only the lonely and needy Commissioner knows for sure (It wasn't an accident).

Medicinal Cocaine
World Doctors
Ep 8 - Medicinal Cocaine

James and James fall in love with the doctor co-co.

Anime Mad Men
Mondo Anime
Ep 2 - Anime Mad Men

Prison vs. Bus
Off the Curb
Ep 4 - Prison vs. Bus

Scare Face
Turbo Fantasy
Ep 6 - Scare Face

Will Turbo's Scare Face take-down go according to plan? (spoiler alert) - No.


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